Furscape MUCK

Don't be fooled by this little page, it's just a stepping stone to our real website! See below. . .

Furscape is a furry, hard science fiction MUCK. A MUCK is a text-based game environment where players can take on a persona, chat and roleplay. On Furscape we take the role of genetically engineered, animal-like (or "furry") people in a high-tech future where spaceflight is commonplace. Furscape also allows roles for humans, robots and aliens.

To connect, you need a MUD client or a terminal with telnet. The address is: telnet://furscape.com:2001.

To connect as a guest character, enter "connect guest guest" at the login prompt.

For much more information about the MUCK, please check out our Wiki site: Furscape's official home page.

We also have message boards where players can ask for help and discuss everything about the MUCK: Furscape Forums.